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October 28, 2012
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Your thoughts as you paced back and forth along the burning sands of the island that startling morning were simple, repetitive ones, coming back again and again in your head in a rhythm as constant as the tide.

Damn Kirkland. Idiot Kirkland! Why did I have to be the one swept away and stranded out here?! He didn’t come back for me. None of them did.

You buried your hands in your hair, grinding your teeth in a wild mixture of anger and irritation. In Heaven's name, why? Your captain had always trusted you and treated you as an equal, a friend. You knew it all well. There seemed to be absolutely no possible reason why he would have simply allowed you to drift away as if you suddenly meant nothing...

You recalled vividly the cold moment when you’d looked across at the wreckage of the glorious vessel you had come to call home, vast shadows cast upon it in the evening light. You remembered his brilliant and suddenly chilling green gaze across at you over the waters as he sat there in one of the smaller boats. The almost sympathetic look he gave you before he turned his head.

But he just wasn’t the sort to simply leave someone close to him alone... so very alone. Was he?

Your eyes snapped shut and you bowed your head, ashamed of the tears pricking at your eyes. It felt foolish to feel so crestfallen, but the betrayal was heavy on your shoulders. You’d never supposed something like this would actually happen. Not in a hundred years.

Sinking down into the sand, you ignored its startlingly hot surface and leant back on your hands, gazing out to the eternally churning waves. The tossing waters brought yet another vague memory to the surface, reminding you of the moment when you’d woken up only hours previous on the shore. Your still damp hair was another clear reminder of that fact. You wouldn’t be forgetting any of your musings in a hurry, no matter how hard you tried.

Trailing a finger idly through the sand, your mind wandered to just where the hell Kirkland and all the other crew members of the ship could have ended up. Where were they? Did they notice your absence?

Heaven knows, perhaps even the English pirate had met his end at last.

Truth be told, you didn’t exactly want him dead despite everything else, but your resentment was great. Eyes glazing over with fury, you tried to distract yourself from thinking of such things. You knew your temper you would not end up doing wonders for your situation.

You shook your head quickly to rid yourself of the persistent thought and got to your feet, feeling incredibly wretched. Your eyes ached from the sunlight, and you were realising your hunger for the first time.

You were a constructive and rather resourceful person at heart and you knew it would do you no great kindness to remain where you were. You could at least try and find yourself some food...

Trying desperately to put your anger and annoyance behind you, you retreated into the shade of the overhanging trees and slowly made your way through the thick undergrowth, again cursing your luck. It was a rather large island, larger than you’d initially supposed, and once you’d made your way up a dusty, winding path up the mountainside and done a fair bit of wandering about, you managed to find yourself upon a small ledge, overlooking the ocean. Wiping the sweat from your brow, your mind still clouded like the horizon with your heavy thoughts, you held your hair back from your face with a hand and released a sigh. Oh, if only the Captain could see you now...

You could taste the salt on your lips once more, giving you a comfortable feeling of familiarity; you tried not to associate it with Kirkland again. That was not something to dwell on – you knew that much.

For now you allowed your mind to slowly ease and your limbs slacken. The only thing other than yourself would be the wind’s warm and tingling breaths upon your neck.

Watching the great ocean panned out before you, you made to release the sigh withheld in your throat, but you suddenly held it, eyes widening. The swift wind seemed to promptly halt around you, a slight feeling of dread suddenly pricking at your skin and sending a shiver down your spine. Silently fuming at your terrible misfortune, you realised before a second had passed that something was wrong. Deadly wrong.

What now?

Pursing your lips and turning back your head slightly to see behind you, you made sure you weren’t being watched by any unexpected company. There was an odd, eerie chill lingering in the air and you hated it. Your gaze darting back to your expansive view of the shore once more, you narrowed your eyes, but caught nothing unusual.

Gripping onto one of the slim tree trunks for support, you carefully lowered yourself down onto another, larger ledge, somehow managing to find your way back to the original rocky path before long. Meticulously and discreetly finding your way back to the shore, your eyes continually looked around you for anything out of the ordinary – although you’d scarcely been upon the island’s land for longer than eight hours, you assured yourself that you knew enough about what to expect. Surprise was your only fear - the prospect of being attacked from behind had always utterly terrified you.

Sliding down the path, you found yourself in an unfamiliar grove of palms, clumped together thickly and hanging overhead. You leant against the nearest one, panting slightly as your heartbeat quickened in fear.

Muscles tensing, you noticed that the wind was once more at your neck... but with it was an unfamiliar and strong scent that you quickly realised could not be natural.

Only a moment later your train of thought snapped as a hand clapped over your mouth, another at your back, holding your wrists tightly and almost painfully. You made to scream, but every effort was muffled and went unheard. Someone brought a slender and glinting blade to your throat, pressing uncomfortably into your tender skin.

Struggling for all you were worth, you threw all common sense to the wind.

You fought against the growing faintness in your head and kicked backwards, foot coming down hard on that of your captor. You heard a sharp yelp ringing clearly in your ears but their grip did not slacken. The knife fell to the earth, vaguely tainted with a red hue.

“S-say, you’re not a native! Who are you?”

You continued to writhe against their hold like a dying fish, but one sharp turn of the wrist and a horrific crack later and you collapsed to your knees limply, trying to clutch at your now awkwardly positioned lower arm.

Your vision blurred with anger and sudden tears and you were certain you saw droplets of blood scatter and sink into the sand, but you had no inclination as to whose it was.

“You idiot! What in Hell gives you the idea that you have a right to hurt someone like that?!”

Blinking rapidly to clear your vision, you attempted to process what accent you had just heard. Your mind was spinning with the intense pain and you could hardly think straight. You thought you noticed a few other strangers gathered around you, but you could not be sure.

You were unceremoniously dragged to your feet and held by the shoulders up against someone’s - seemingly a male’s – chest. The material of their clothing seemed thick and elaborate, and the intricate embroidery grazed against your skin. Moments later a rich and heavy perfumed scent again filled your nose, and you gave a loud cough. Whoever this strange and accented person was, it seemed that they certainly didn’t give any sartorial compromises.

“Men, see if you can find any sources of fresh water around the area; we’re running low,” he said lazily, then gestured toward one of the crew members. “And I can’t have you touching the woman again. Understood?”

You could feel the man you supposed to be the captain bring his face right up next to yours, his breath tickling your ear. He gave a low chuckle, and tenderly lifted a finger to your cheek.

“A little unusual, don’t you think, for someone like yourself to be out on an island like this?”

“The same goes for you.” You replied briskly, hoping beyond all hopes that he wouldn’t recognise you for what you were - a member of Kirkland’s crew. Surely, after all, you’d met before. He seemed familiar. It was not long before before you felt his name lingering in the recesses of your mind, and you fought to remember who he was…

“I can see what you are,” he laughed. “Tell me, who was it that left you here? You’re a pirate just like the rest of us, chérie. No mistake about it.”

“Well, if I’m so like you, what do you want with me?” You ignored his question and lifted a hand, realising too late that it was the arm with the broken wrist. You gave a cry of pain as tears sprung to your eyes.

“Watch out, it’s broken.” He warned. You still couldn’t see his face, but you were almost certain you could detect pity in his expression. “I don’t want you making it worse.”

“I would’ve thought you’d be happy I’m injured, you bastard. Makes life a bit easier for you.” You hissed through your teeth.

“No, I don’t like my victims handicapped," he answered in a matter of fact tone. “It’s boring when it’s easy.”

You turned your head to the side to avoid his face coming any closer to yours. “Just tell me who the hell you are, and what exactly you want with me.”

He released you finally and you crumpled to the earth. Gently massaging where he’d gripped your arm, you tried not to cry out again as to not give him the satisfaction of knowing your pain.

You glanced upwards and saw him towering above you, a sky blue coat billowing around him and a dark, frilled hat upon his head. You should have realised who he was earlier… you chided yourself for that now. Oh, what you wouldn’t have given to be back where you were the week before - at peace. Now you almost feared what he was planning to do.

Instead you were greatly surprised as he gave a low and graceful bow, several strands of wavy blonde hair escaping from his ribbon tied ponytail as he swept his hat from his head until it nearly touched the sand.

“Captain Francis Bonnefoy at your service, chérie, and it is a great honour,” he smirked. “I see now that I’m familiar to you, at least.”

“You disgust me. I’ve heard enough about you, you pig.” You spat onto the sand, trying to avoid his gaze. He took your chin with a finger and lifted your head to look into bright cerulean eyes.

“Well now, you’re an interesting one. But I have to insist zhat you look at me when I’m trying to engage you in conversation. Fair enough?”

“I am not under your charge.” You answered stubbornly.

“That’s where you’re wrong, amour,” he responded. “I found you. You’re within my control.” His tone was oddly cheerful.

“Not on your life, bastard.”

He chuckled. “Besides, you have nowhere else to go.”

“Leave me be, would you?”

“Not an option. Calm yourself. You’ll make things worse for yourself at this rate.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Why, isn’t it obvious?”

The French pirate replaced his hat upon his head, then gazed back down at you, stroking his stubbled chin thoughtfully.

“Hmm... never mind that now.”

A few of the crew members appeared from beyond the path up the mountain and threw you strange, bemused looks. You waited until they approached and gathered around you, devising a plan in your head. One held you by the arms once more, not slackening their grip for a moment.

You watched the captain intently as he turned his back on you to converse with one of the other men, then swiftly elbowed the pirate behind you with your good arm and kicked him to the ground, retrieving his curved sword as it was thrown to the ground a few metres away; you’d lost your own sword when you’d drifted to the island. There was a flurry of panic around you as you leapt upon Francis, turning the tables and trapping his neck beneath your blade.

“Don’t you dare move.”

He closed his eyes and gave a deep throated laugh. “Wasn’t planning on it, chérie. What do you want from me?” The few crew members that there were around you cocked their weapons instantaneously and aimed for you. Well, that hadn’t been part of the plan.

“Leave this island. Leave me alone and don’t come back here. The last thing I need is your attention. I’ve been through enough.”

It took you several moments to realise what you said and you regretted it immediately. Wonderful. Now he definitely knew more about you than you wanted him to...

A strange light came into his eyes at your words. “You didn’t tell me that.”

You grinded your teeth. “Just do it. Leave.”

He laughed once more. “As you say. Men, return. We’re clearly not wanted here.”

You made the mistake of slackening your grip in surprise and lowering the blade, and he caught it with a hand, tossing it aside.

“You know, if you don’t want me here, I’ve got the decency to leave you be. Just one thing, though, before I go...” He brought you in for a rough and unexpected kiss to the lips, one hand gliding through your hair. You found yourself short for breath after a matter of moments and shoved him away, breathing heavily.

“What was that?!”

“We had a deal, chérie. You should know better than to go back on your word.”

“I never did any such thing! What deal?”

He remained silent and laid a hand on both sides of your face. “Tell me your name.”

“I’ll tell you nothing.”

“I assume you realise that I’m armed and you aren’t? Answer me.”

He took a step backwards and unsheathed his sword with a scrape of metal, holding it straight and perfectly aligned with your heart.

“Come now.” He whispered. “It’s not that hard. Tell me.”

A deep sigh slipped from your lips and you folded your arms, eyes narrowed.

"(Your first name and last name)."

“Ah, I see. A beautiful name, mademoiselle.” He winked and slowly withdrew, sliding his sword back into its sheath finally. “Farewell.”

Turning his back, he threw a final smile and a wave over his shoulder and disappeared out of sight into the palms, leaving you alone as if nothing had happened at all. Rather blown away at how easily convinced he had been, you silently followed him, watching his ship from the safety of a large boulder until he disappeared from sight.

What sort of pirate was he?


The pirate captain found you later that evening, silent and lost deep in sleep upon the sand. You hadn’t eaten in longer than a day and the pain was a numbing factor. You were absolutely exhausted.

Smiling in satisfaction, he lifted you into his arms, still cocky at the fact that he’d managed to fool you and give off the illusion that he’d actually left. Foolish girl, he thought. She probably thought I was pathetic when I left. Well, we’ll see who’s right when she wakes.

Gently nuzzling his head into your neck, he turned his back on the island and began making his way back to the ship, rather amazed at just how knocked out you actually were.

He carried you onboard, winking at one of the crew members as he passed. The ship gently began its journey once more, nudged onwards by the cool winds of the night.

Pushing against the door of his private cabin he laid you upon the covers, resting your head up against the pillows. He was anticipating seeing more of your personality and seeing what sort of pirate you really were. You were absolutely intriguing.

He kissed your forehead lightly then left the room, closing the door gently behind him and going to lean against the rail upon the deck of the ship. Two or three small and fluffy white birds flew about his head and rested beside him, but he paid them no attention. He was still lost as to who had left you on the island. It was impossible, really, that you could have made your way there with no other vessel in sight...

But, he reflected, there was plenty of time to think over such things.

Otherwise known as that story I always say I will continue but probably never will. ._. It's so tragic simply how much I regret this because I know it could be better. XD In time I'd really like to edit it and possibly start again. But regardless, I hope it's enjoyable. :>

Hetalia, England and France belong to Himaruya.

You belong to yourself.
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Thanks very much! And haha, I completely forgot to remove that link... I deleted the second part some time ago in discontent, but eventually I would like to find the time to rewrite this and then possibly continue it, so it's not all doomed. Thanks again for reading!
Versinia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god thank you!! Thank you for making another part!!
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Haha, you're welcome~ Afraid I won't be continuing the story, but I'm very glad to know you enjoyed it. :aww:
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